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May 18.pdf
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Cover Page

Pg 2:
From the Director
An Update on Environmental Protection Forum focuses on National and Local Realities

Pg 3:
Number 1 or Number 2

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Pg 5:
The Spread in Income

Pg 6:
How to Respond to…

Issue covering:
homeless death,
OTR social service agencies,
welfare reform (Ohio & U.S.)
domestic violence
homeless parents
food stamp policy
transitional housing
Caracole (AIDS social service agency)

SV_May98_vol 2_iss 17.pdf
Page 1:
Hypocrisy Running Rampant At All Levels of Government!!!
Homeless and Others Exploited In Hazardous Jobs

Page 2:
Steps Update
NCH Meeting News

Page 3:
Welfare News

Page 4:
National Civil Rights

Page 5:

SV_Nov98_vol 2_iss23.pdf
Pg 1: 'Standown '98' a Big Success: Hundreds of Homeless Persons Served During Cincinnati's Two Day Event

In Memory of Buddy Gray: February 19th, 1950-November 15th, 1996

We Remember

Pg 2: The Traveler: Not Just Another Trip


Nov 4.pdf
Pg 1:
Cover Page

Pg 2:
From the Director

Pg 3:
Buddy Gray 20-Year Remembrance Story Collection
Buddy Had a Most Unusual Ability to Keep Himself Focused

Pg 4:
Institutional Religion Couldn’t Contain Buddy’s Spirit
We All Need to Be…
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