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SV_Feb98_vol 2_iss14.pdf
Page 1:
Streetvibes Celebrates A Birthday
Looking Back Twenty Years: January 11th 1978--The People Move

News: EBTCards arive in Cincinnati.

Page 4:
Tender Mercies opens new building.

Page 6:
Streetvibes Poetry.…

SV_Jun98_vol 2_iss 18.pdf
Pg. 1:
Panhandling Ordinance Ruled Unconstitutional by Judge Sherman
New University Hospital Policy Threatens Health of Poor
Privatization at UC Hospital

Pg 2:
Cleveland News

Pg. 3:
Students Perspective

Pg 4:
Welfare News


SV_Aug98_vol 2_iss19.pdf
Pg. 1: Study Finds A Major Affordable Housing Gap in Ohio; Nationwide Shortage Of Affordable Housing At Record Level

Pg 2: Cleveland News

Pg 3: Portman Plan

Pg 4: Welfare News

Pg 5: Visible Homeless
Hope VI

Pg 6: Arts & Poetry…

Pg 1:
Laurel Homes to be Demolished

Pg 2:
The Traveler

Pg 3:
Cincinnati Activist Arrested in Oakridge, Tennessee
Bengal and Wilmington College Roll Out the Red Carpet for Homeless Coalition Bus Trip

Pg 4:
Update on Laurel Homes


Pg 1:
Homeless Becoming a Target for Hate Crimes
Protesters Plead with the U.S. Army: Close the School of the Americas (SOA)

Pg 2:
The Traveler

Pg 3:
Close the SOA Continued
After Killings, Denver Streets Strike Fear in Homeless


Pg 1:
The World Bank? The IMF? What’s All the Fuss About?

Pg 2:
Donald Whitehead Elected Chairperson of National coalition for the Homeless
The Traveler

Pg 3:
World Bank Continued

Pg 4:
Environmental Record of the Presidential…
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