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All Right to Be Different

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The Vibe

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Eight Minutes with a ‘Rebel with a Cause’

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All Right to Be Different Continued

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We’re Supposed to Loiter in the Park

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Homeless in High School

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SV_Jul99_vol 3_iss31.pdf
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Los Angeles City Council Grills Chief on Fatal Shooting of Homeless Woman
The Housing Crisis for People with Disabilities

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The Traveler

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Mental Illness Cited in Shooting
The Homeless Dental Program

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SV_Aug98_vol 2_iss19.pdf
Pg. 1: Study Finds A Major Affordable Housing Gap in Ohio; Nationwide Shortage Of Affordable Housing At Record Level

Pg 2: Cleveland News

Pg 3: Portman Plan

Pg 4: Welfare News

Pg 5: Visible Homeless
Hope VI

Pg 6: Arts & Poetry…
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