October 2000


October 2000




Pg 1:
Mt. Olive Pickle Boycott Draws Hundreds of Picketers
Educators and Advocated Take to the Streets of Cincinnati in November!

Pg 2:
Soldier in the War on Poverty Injured in Action

Pg 3:
Interview with Todd Portune
Back to the Streets

Pg 4:
An Approach to the Quest for Social Justice

Pg 5:
Three Hundred & Fifty Citizens Rally in Support of Children

Pg 6:
Working Their Way Out of a Job
Silence Equals Death

Pg 7:
People from Across the U.S. Welcome Castro

Pg 8:
Prisoners’ News

Pg 9:
Walt Whiteman: Patron Saint of Nomads

Pg 10:
Stand Down 2000: Helping Our Homeless Veterans

Pg 11:
Protestors Target Local Restaurants

Pg 12:
Editorials & Letters

Pg 13:
Black Support

Pg 14:
Editorials & Letters Continued

Pg 15:
Portune Continued
Streets Continued

Pg 16:
For Your Health and Your Waistline

Pg 17:
Tom Geiger House

Pg 18:
Mt. Airy Shelter: From the Inside Out

Pg 19:
Words form the Evangelist


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October 2000


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Dan Marschner
Gina Kohlheff
Ron Carter
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Sonny Williams
Mr. Lee
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Susan Huesken
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Dawnya Ferdinandson
John Henry Lionheart
Doctor Donovan
Riccardo M. Taylor
Susan Knight
Rodney Sutton
Lynn Williams
John Perotti
Debbie Mays
Katie Pilacky
Tim Wheeler
Bob Jones
Beverly Seymour
Hal Rosenthal
Kenneth D. Smith
Tyrone Smith
Berta Lambert
Jimmy Heath
Roger R.

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